Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Realiti Kehidupan

We may come across with so many different people throughout our whole life..
There are so many of them..
Everyone come with different packages..
Everyone has their own characteristic..
You can't assume everybody is like you..
You can't expect the new friend you meet will turn out to like the same thing as you do..

Bear in mind that,everyone is different .. so do you..

**hmm..meroyan camni..pasalnye hangin bile dapat teman sekerja yang suke membebel dan sentiasa tak puas hati dan sentiasa mengkomplen..please la!!!aku hanya mampu anggukkan kepala je bile dia dah start membebel..eventhough dia bukan membebel marahkan aku..tapi tensen tau...huhu....**

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