Monday, November 14, 2011

A place called here

This would be my first time reading novel by this author - Cecilia Ahern.
Many times already I do have the intentions to buy her books..
But due to some other tittle attractions, I never pick her books.
So for the Big Bad Wolf  Book Sale last month,I managed to buy a few titles of her.

Just finish read A Place Called Here.
As such, what a beautifully written book.
Nice book cover (in pink!)..
A very adorable characters..

For this title, it make your mind wondering into two kind of place.
One in your head and the other one back to reality.
At first,it difficult for me to separate the two place,made me turn over back and forward the pages in order to keep with the book storyline..
But after a while, you will find it's exciting to relate the two places.

Sandy Shortt has been obsessed with finding things which have been lost, since her childhood rival Jenny-May Butler went missing. Having worked for the Garda, the police force of the Republic of Ireland, she left her job to start an agency which looks for missing people.
Jack Ruttle asks Sandy for help looking for his younger brother Donal, who went missing the year before. She agrees, never expecting to become missing herself as she discovers the world where everything which has ever been lost goes, a place called Here.
Jack goes on a search for Sandy believing that she is the key to finding his brother but learning more about her personal life than he should. Meanwhile, Sandy's possessions keeps getting lost from Here but found in this world. Something is bound to happen but the both of them have yet to know what it is.

Macam biasa la..most books objective cube nak educate all the readers the importance of valuing life.
Dan jugak, must put family on top of your priority.
Which is bagi aku, sangat2 bagus because sometimes kita ni need to be remind everytime..
If not..tu yg selalu lupa dan banyak perkara buruk terjadi.

Upon completing reading this, I fall in love with Cecilia Ahern's style of writing!
And definitely will make all her titles as my collection!

A worth reading book.
So go read on your own and experience the wonderful journey of Sandy Shortt!


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