Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's been a while...'s been a while aku tak menulis kat blog ni.
sometimes bile belek2 blog aku ni..
macam bagi painful memories lak..
tapi whatever it is..eventhough aku seriously tak paham exactly what's going on now..
aku kene move on..
yeah..aku kene paksa diri aku move on...
the first week was like HELL..
seriously like HELL..
aku tak tau mane jalan kuar dari all the blurry..
yes..i have to admit,aku ade nangis a few times...
tapi on occasion...bukan everytime..
because it was like..did my tears worth for him?NO!
just kengkadang tak tahan sangat..dan RALAT sangat yg buat aku nangis.
tapi jap je..

i won't go into details of what exactly happening..
let's just keep it to myself and of course a few of my close friends knew about it
 they have to know..because I don't have any other person to turn into.
at that time the only support I have was coming from them.
I really appreciated it guys.thanks for bear with all my silly so-called-love story.
at this time of age,it's not i dream about a very perfect love..
but sometimes when it does happen,of course we hope for the best..
only later on I realised that Allah is the more powerful..
Kita hanya merancang Dia yang menentukan.

after a week of HELL,only now I can calm down and see things clearly.
I accepted the facts and no more whining.
But sometimes ada gak teringat2 ape yg terjadi and teringat gak kat dia..
but itu sesekali la...that's why aku cube sibukkan diri dan just lupe ape yang pernah terjadi.

mungkin semua nye silap aku kot...salah faham layanan dia..
it's not aku sayang dia gila2 sampai nak frust menonggeng..NO!
it's just why it must be like this?so sudden...

so whatever it is..I'm hoping the best for him and also for myself.


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